Friday, February 23, 2018

Missing Index Script, Unused Index Scripts, Find Statistics of Whole Database, SQL Wait Statistics

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In this email we will check out a few of the critical scripts related to performance tuning. You can DO IT YOURSELF.

If you face any issue or have further questions AFTER you have followed Steps listed in this email, you can always reply to this email. I read every single email and reply every single email in 24 hours. 

In this very first email we will see a few of the very important scripts related to SQL Server Indexes.

Note: Please try this on your development environment first before you execute them on your production database. Always take database backup before you change anything.

Step 1: Index and Statistics

1) Missing Index Scripts

Performance is often associated with Indexes. If your database is missing many indexes, you may want to execute a script from the following blog and create necessary missing indexes for your database tables. 
Missing Index Script

2) Unused Index Scripts

If you have unused indexes in your database, they will do more harm than helping your database. It is a good idea to remove them from your database. You may want to execute a script from the following blog and remove unnecessary indexes from your database tables. 
Unused Index Script

3) Find Statistics of Whole Database

Database statistics help SQL Server Engine to make appropriate decisions to use indexes. It is critical to understand the health of your statistics and script mentioned in the blog post displays all the details about your database statistics. 
Statistics Detail Script

Step 2: SQL Wait Statistics

If you want to improve performance of your SQL Server, it is critical to understand where is the performance bottleneck. I have written an entire month long series on the SQL Wait Statistics. With the help of SQL Wait Statistics, we can identify the performance bottleneck of the SQL Server. 
Identify SQL Wait Statistics

Once you identify the performance bottleneck with the above script, you can quickly search in the series of blog post and fix the issue by removing the bottleneck.

Step 3: Reply to This Email

Well,  if you have followed all the instructions so far, you should be able to fix your performance issues. If due to any reason, you need more help or want to talk to me, just hit reply to this email with your questions. Remember, I read every single email and reply within in 24 hours. Do not forget to include the result of above two steps in the excel along with your email. 

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